Getting Open House Ready

When you purchased your home you inevitably went to see the property. What was your first impression like? Chances are the home felt welcoming, clean and well maintained. While you may have been amazed at the property owner’s cleanliness and organization, they likely spent a lot of time preparing the space so it would be ready for you. Similar to how we clean our homes before visitors arrive, homeowners do the same before an open house. After all, it is about putting your best foot forward.

A lot of things are noticeably done to make a home more appealing to potential buyers. However, there are also a number of not-so-obvious things that need to happen in order for a home to be ready to be showed off. When you are selling your home, make sure you can check off every box on this list before opening the door. The smallest of details can make a massive difference in a potential buyer’s lasting impression of the space.

  • CLEAN. Clean like you have never cleaned before. We don’t mean wiping down the counters and sweeping the floor: we mean a DEEP, DEEP clean. Not only will this make your house more appealing, but it also benefits you by making your move-out clean faster. Also, pay close attention to smells!

  • DECLUTTER. Keep decor and furnishings simple and minimal. You want to give the impression that each room is spacious. No one wants to be tripping over things when they explore their potential future home. Again, this will help you in the long run.

  • STAGE. Stage your home by removing personal items, adding in a touch of fresh greenery, organizing things to be most aesthetically pleasing, etc. You want your house showing to be a beautiful sketch, but let the imaginations of buyers colour it in. They need to be able to imagine themselves in the space. You’re not showing off your life, you’re showing them what theirs could look like if they buy your home.

  • LIGHT IT UP. When people do finally come to see the space, make sure all the lights are on, the windows are open to let in natural light, and that additional lighting is placed in rooms that could use a little boost. People won’t be able to fall in love with the space if they can’t clearly see it. Lighting also opens up rooms.

Remember: every little detail counts!

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