Preventing Slippery Sidewalks

The snow may be melting, but the cold nights mean that the moisture turns to slick ice. While most ice is visible to the naked eye, some ice is far more dangerous and deceptive.The city is well equipped to handle the ice on the roads, as evidenced by all the leftover salt and gravel that washes up come spring, but the sidewalks are another story.

Sidewalks in urban centres, such as downtown and shopping areas, tend to stay clear since businesses want to avoid a lawsuit. However, your personal sidewalk is your own responsibility.

There are two major reasons to keep your sidewalk and walkways clear: the first is that when snow and ice build up, it can damage the pavement and produce significant cracks. The second reason is that having lots of ice and snow build up is a massive safety hazard for yourself and others.

Here are some ways you can keep your sidewalk clean:

1). Salt: The age old trick of using salt is classic, but effective. Salt melts ice and snow quickly and adds some grip to it to prevent people from slipping. Make sure you buy industrial grade salt–not the salt you put in your stew. Thicker grains of salt will last longest.

2). Sand: Sand won’t melt away like salt will, making it a long term, effective option. However, remember that while salt dissolves, sand will not. It may require some extra clean up and caution come spring, but for the wintertime it is a great option.

2). Anti Icer: Anti Icer is a liquid spray that you use on your sidewalk before it snows to prevent moisture from seeping into the pavement and letting ice build up. You can also spray it on top of the snow to prevent ice build up and melt it more quickly. Make sure you find an eco friendly product, since anything you spray on the ground will eventually be absorbed into the soil and water systems.

3). Don’t procrastinate: Clearing snow away as soon as it falls prevents excessive snow and ice build up. It is as simple as that. Consistency is key. If may be a hassle at some points, but it is 100% worth it.

4). Apply adhesive grip tape to any wooden or smooth surface to help provide traction when you’re walking over it. Any extra grip you can get will help. Make sure to do this before the surface is saturated in order for the sticky part to bond with the surface effectively.

Good luck out there and be careful!

Your Real Estate Professional,

Ken Richter

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