Prince Edward Island || Highlights

Prince Edward Island is filled with hidden gems that the adventurous traveler will fall in love with. This beautiful province is a must-see and at the top of many peoples Canada 150 travel list. Visit before the snow comes!

1). Anne of Green Gables Heritage Place: People around the world fell in love with Lucy Maud Montgomery's cherished novel, Anne of Green Gables. What some people don't know is that Prince Edward Island is the birthplace of this magical tale, the setting of which is based on Montgomery's family farmhouse in Cavendish. Visitors can hike through the infamous "Haunted Woods," "Balsam Hollow" and "Lover's Lane," and explore Anne's Green Gables Farmhouse. PEI is well known for celebrating everything Anne, so if you're a fan, this should be at the top of your travel itinerary! 

2). Confederation Trail: In 1989 the Prince Edward Island Railway was abandoned, leaving a trail that stretched from one end of the island to the other. The islanders quickly took advantage of the trail by turning it into a pathway system, perfect for walking and biking in the summertime, and snowmobiling in the wintertime. Tourism PEI writes, "With beautiful rolling hill scenery, quaint villages and broad bay seascapes, the Confederation Trail is Prince Edward Island's portion of the Trans Canada Trail." Accommodations, attractions and services are available all along the path, which is a combination of rolled stone and dust trail. Enjoy this gorgeous tour through Prince Edward Island! 

3). Thunder Cove & Teacup Rock: These two gems are on the same stretch of beach where Prince Edward Island dips into the Atlantic Ocean. Thunder Cove is a series of rock formations and caves that have been carved out of the side of the island by the wind and tides. When the tide is out, explore the trail these formations create. Teacup Rock is the most notable formation and one incredibly photographed hunk of earth. Why? Because it looks like a tea cup! This is delightful and remarkable, a true testament to the power and creativity of Mother Nature. 

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