Productive Work Spaces

There is something euphoric about starting a brand new day timer, rearranging furniture to make space for a new desk and getting to start fresh with fresh supplies. Studies have shown time and time again that purchasing new organizational tools is not only good motivation, but enables people to stay organized for longer. With science backing this up, why wouldn’t you want to give it a try?

Organization is great when done well and horrible when done wrong, which can then lead to even more backsliding and disorganization. So, here are our tips for reorganizing your workspace in a way that will help rather than hinder:

De-Clutter: Do yourself a favour and buy a paper shredder. Now, shred EVERYTHING that you don’t need. This includes old bills, notes to self, damaged paper goods, etc. While you’re at it, throw out broken pencils, little eraser pieces, dirt, lint. Anything that is garbage should go into the garbage!

Stock Up: Go to the store and get a new filing cabinet, pencil holder, laptop mount, etc. Get anything you think you will need to be able to do your work. This means having a ruler, pens, extra files, sticky notes, etc. Since your area has already been cleaned up, you will have space for all the new things.

Organize: Make sure you have the necessary amount of time to finish this job without interruption. Find a space for everything, put away everything, label everything! Do yourself a favour and make sure it is clear where things are and what they are. Binders are your friend. A labelling machine is your friend.

Inspire Yourself: Choose a piece of decor to hang in your workspace that will inspire you every day. For some this may be their favourite quote, for others it may be framing their first dollar or pictures of their family. This is a great final step that will ensure you are motivated and inspired to do your best every day.

A healthy mind is an organized mind and an organized mind comes from having an organized work space. We guarantee that getting everything organized for this new year will make your life a lot easier. Remember the upkeep: continue to throw out what you don’t need/can’t use, update filing systems, do a little clean every week, etc. This will help.

Good luck!


Your Real Estate Professional,

Ken Richter

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