Protecting Your Home From The Frost

There is something in the air. It bites at your cheeks and makes your nose run. It clings to your car and has turned golden fall leaves crunchy and brown. It has frozen your windows shut and has usurped your garden. The frost has arrived. It is in full force, making up for the lack of fluffy white snow. It may not look quite like winter, but it definitely is starting to feel like winter.

Monitor your home’s water systems. Water systems that are not properly winterized can do incredible damage, such as cracking your pipes, blocking flow and ruining any filtration systems. Turn off all outdoor water taps and make sure they are properly sealed for winter. Make sure that faucets indoors are all used frequently: run the hot water for a minute to clear away any ice and keep the systems working smoothly.

Keep your garage door closed. As much as possible, try to keep any attached garage closed. Garages are meant to protect your belongings from the elements, so allow them to do so effectively. Remember that your garage does not just contain old hockey sticks and boxes of yearbooks. Often, water heaters and important piping are in the garage. These things are incredibly affected by frost and the cold, so try to keep them shielded from the worst of the weather. Also remember that an attached garage will pull the cold into your home if the door is left open.

Clear your gutters. When gutters and water flow facilitators are blocked, any running water like melted snow will freeze faster or be forced to seep into your roof. By cleaning the gutters, you can ensure that water stays where it belongs and does not damage your home beyond repair. Make sure that with all metals and plastics outdoors, you keep a close eye on them to ensure that they don’t crack from the frost, thus causing damage.

The frost can wreck havoc on homes if you are not careful. Keep a close eye on things and do any repairs as soon as possible. Good luck braving the cold!

All of us here at Team Ken Richter are rooting for you.

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Ken Richter

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