Quebec || Highlights

Quebec is rich with history and unique sights. When you plan your next visit, make sure to include the following highlights: 

Montreal's Unique Buildings: Sitting on the water's edge in an industrial area of Montreal is a unique housing structure that has drawn people from all over the globe: Habitat 67. This complex "was designed by Moshe Safdie as his graduate thesis while an architecture student at McGill University" (Atlas Obscura). Each single unit is now worth millions of dollars, offering some of Montreal's most sought-after luxury living. There is also a giant orange on the Montreal horizon "that stands a monstrous 3 stories high and 40 feet wide... [It] started out as nothing but an ambitious 'casse-croute' with a quirky, mysterious beverage to offer. It is now one of the oldest and most iconic fast-food joints in the city" (Atlas Obscura). Also worth noting? The Biosphere.  

Maple Syrup Sugar Shack: Did you know that Canada controls 70% of all Maple Syrup production, with 4,000 producers in Quebec alone? Syrup has become a luxury product: "at last count, a barrel can obtain $1,800 compared to $57 on average for a crude oil barrel" (Travel2Next). Enjoy this family-friendly delicacy at a Quebec Sugar Shack, some of which are older than Canada! The best time to visit these Maple Syrup hubs is in the early spring, when the trees freeze at night but are heated up during the day, producing sap. Satisfy your sweet tooth with an endless amount of maple products, and learn a unique part of our country's history.

Saint-Benoit-du-Lac Abbey: Quebec has a rich Catholic history, dating back to when the French brought Catholicism to Canada and attempted to convert the native inhabitants. Though that part of history is not always pleasant, what resulted was a province covered in gorgeous, historic churches and religious buildings. One of the more notable ones is Saint-Benoit-du-Lac Abbey. Currently occupied by monks, you can tour the building, the grounds, attend a service and enjoy some of the products they produce there, such as apple butter, cheese and cider. 

What are your "must-sees" when you visit below? Let us know in the comments below and please share this article with friends!

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