6 Days Until 2018: Recycling Post-Christmas

Christmas may be over, but for most people the post-Christmas clean up is far from over (or even begun, for that matter). Thankfully in Calgary, systems are in place to make your Christmas clean up easier than ever! A big part of this is thanks to our three carts: the black waste one, the blue recycling one and the green compost one. 

Here is what Christmas waste goes where:

  • Real Trees: Cut them up and put them in the green bin. The lid MUST be able to close. If you have extra branches, bundle them up with natural twine and set them beside the bin. If your tree is just too big, there will be tree drop-off points around the city coming soon (we will let you know when on our Facebook page). 
  • Fake Trees: We always recommend you donate them somewhere they can be enjoyed by others, but if the tree is in poor condition or unusable, break it down and put it in the back cart to be taken to the landfill. 
  • Christmas Lights: If they are usable donate them, if not they can be placed in the black bin.
  • Christmas Decorations: Again, donate anything usable! If broken or damaged, they go in the black bin. 
  • Gift Wrap: All gift wrap can be put into the blue bin, expect for anything that is metallic or made of foil. Ribbons and bows must be put in the black bin. Gift bags can be recycled, but remove any shoestring handles first. 

Please note that any potential sharp or dangerous goods should be wrapped in paper and put in a bag labeled "sharps," then placed in your black bin. Help our City workers stay safe this holiday!

Do your part to make Christmas a "green" one!

Your Real Estate Professional,

Ken Richter

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