Remembrance Day 2012

On Sunday November 11, 2012, we pay tribute and remember those members of the armed forces – some who selflessly sacrificed their own precious lives in the line of duty — who have served their nation in war, in armed conflict, and in the effort of sustaining world peace. Past, present and future we salute those who have served and those who continue to serve at home and overseas. Without them there would be no freedom.

Bowness has a rich history of commitment to our armed forces and its military families. After World War II returning veterans were provided 48 one acre plots upon which to build their homes and their futures. The area, known as the Soldiers’ Settlement, still maintains some of these homes in the heart of Bowness. On Sunday, we also remember those who risk their lives today – sailors, soldiers, airmen — to protect our fundamental rights here at home and around the world. From being at sea in the Arabian Sea, on land in Afghanistan, Egypt, Libya, and the Republic of South Sudan, to the world’s most northernmost permanently inhabited location, CFS Alert, in our newest and largest territory, Nunavut.

Let’s show respect and support for our Canadian Troops – wear a poppy, make a donation, remember during a two minute silence at 11 am, or even get out to attend a celebration… 

Your Real Estate Professional,

Ken Richter

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