Renovations You Can Do Even When It's Chilly Outside

It's still a little chilly outside, which means that most of us would rather be curled up inside with a warm drink instead of out in the cold. While temperatures are expected to rise soon, you can never be too weary when it comes to weather in Calgary, Alberta. Our friendly groundhog Phil may have promised winter was at it's end, but that does not mean our toes will be thawing anytime soon. For now, we're going to keep our sweaters on.

During cold winters a fun pastime is scrolling through Pinterest, dreaming of all the fun projects you can do once it is warm enough outside. This is especially true when it comes to home renovations, which most people tend to complete during the summer months before a big freeze. After all, most home renovations require traveling back and forth to the hardware store, working outside, keeping doors open, etc.; all of which are not ideal to do while there is snow on the ground.

Do not let this deter you. Here are some renovations you can do on your home even when there is still a chill in the air:

1). Painting. You can paint indoors even when it is cold outside. So long as you can keep the window slightly cracked to allow fresh air in (paint does not smell good, nor is it optimal for your brain cells), you're good to go! Make sure to get all of your supplies at once so you don't have to be back and forth on icy roads, then get to painting!

2). Carpet. Changing your indoor carpets is a big project, but it can also be done even when it is cold outside! Removing old carpeting is the easy part; the harder part is installing the new carpet, so we recommend hiring a contractor to do this. Again, get all your supplies ahead of time, then turn on some music and get ready to rip some carpet out!

3). Decorating. Decorating can easily be done when it is still winter! This time of the year people are starting to pack away the last of their Christmas and winter decorations, and are beginning to bring out the Easter bunnies and floral wreaths. It may still be gloomy outside, but you can space things up with some fun, bright décor!

Have fun!

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