How to Rent Right

Are you looking to rent? We have some tips for you!

1). Make a list of non-negotiables and stick to it. Decide before hand what you are willing to spend each month on rent and utilities in order to narrow down your search, only look at places that are pet friendly if that is something you need, if you do not like basement suites, add that to your list, etc! Be flexible, but stick to what you absolutely will not negotiate on and don’t waste your time searching for places that do not fit that criteria.

2). Location is the most important part of whatever space it is you decide to rent. For most people, location is the make-or-break feature of any potential space. Narrow your search into looking only for places by a bus stop, near your place of work or school, close to a shopping center, or whatever it is you need. Look at locations that are safe and fit your lifestyle!

3). Find Ads from credible sources! The renting market right now is really tight, creating a breeding ground for false advertisers and scams. First off, only call people from ads on credible sources such as RentFaster. Make sure you are not transferring money to anyone (especially not if they are overseas) before you see the place and meet them in person. Be safe and use discernment.

4). Contact friends and family and ask them if they know of any homeowners seeking to rent out space on their property! As always, networking and building good connections with people is helpful. Referrals often lead to some of the best spaces!

5). When you do find a potential home and go to meet with the homeowners, remember that you need to be interviewing them just as much as they are interviewing you. This is someone you will have a working relationship with, so make sure they are a person of integrity and someone you are comfortable around.

Have fun and good luck!

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