Roommate Wanted

Having a roommate is an adventure.

Many people end up becoming the best of friends with their roommates, creating a friendship that can last a lifetime. If you get along well with the person sharing a space with you, it makes living with them so much easier! There will always be things you don’t always agree on, but it is always nice to come home to a friend.

On the other hand, having a roommate could be a nightmare. If you don’t get along well with the person you are living in close proximity to, it can make for a world of miscommunication, purposeful negligence, and passive-aggressiveness that makes home less welcoming than it ought to be.

Since none of us are big fans of the later happening, we want to make sure that your situation falls closer to the former. So, how do you find a great roommate?

Interview well. Don’t just let a random stranger move in with you. You need to be safe. Try to get to know potential candidates on a personal level and follow your gut instinct. An interview is good to see if the person who wants to move in with you will fit the culture of your household (note: this is especially important if there are more than one of you living in the home).

Set up clear rules and boundaries. Establish what is expected and what is okay from the very start so that there are absolutely no grey areas. Are you okay with their friends or significant other staying the night even if you don’t know them? Do you mind if they have a glass of your milk? BE CLEAR RIGHT AWAY! Don’t set up any false pretenses. Be kind, but stand your ground.

Communicate! Be tactful, but don’t worry about whose feelings get hurt. If you don’t communicate you are asking for trouble. Pick your battles, but also stand your ground on important issues. Once you let one thing slide, you are opening the door for others to slide. Don not let that happen.

Remember that your roommate is human and bound to make mistakes. Remember that they are just as particular as you. Remember that they want to have a good roommate just as much as you do. Be straightforward, know what you want, and the chances of getting a crazy roommate will go down significantly.

Good luck!

Your Real Estate Professional,

Ken Richter

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