Selling During A Buyer's Market

Calgary was established in 1875, garnering its name from the Isle of Gull in Scotland. Fun fact: loosely translated from the original Norse language, Calgary means 'cold garden.' For years people have flocked to our great city; this beautiful, cold garden; in search of something more. Calgary has always been viewed as a welcoming place for those seeking more opportunities for themselves and their families. Here at Team Ken Richter, we are proud to be Calgarians.

One of the biggest draws to this city has been the energy sector. Many jobs in the oil and gas industry are based in Calgary. If you ask any Calgarian, chances are someone in their immediate family works in the energy sector. Because of this great opportunity to find work in a booming field, Calgary's real estate market has also boomed. Even today, Calgary continues to expand and develop to provide safe neighborhoods and homes to citizens. The correlation between how successful our energy sector is and how our housing market is successful is undeniable.

The downside to this, as we have seen recently, is that it means that when our economy takes a hit, so does our housing market. Because of how Alberta's economy was destabilized during the last energy sector crash, the housing market is continuing to struggle to recover. While we have seen moderate ups, numbers are significantly down from where they were years ago. Calgary continues to remain staunchly in a buyer's market. There is lots of inventory, driving down prices and making it harder for homes to stand out amoung the rest.

During a buyers market, it is incredibly important that sellers work with experienced real estate agents. That is why you should work with Ken Richter. After 30 + years in the real estate industry, Ken has seen it all and ensured his sellers get the most for their home no matter what the market looks like. His goal is to sell your home for the most amount of money in the best amount of time. You cannot afford to not partner with a knowledgeable real estate professional right now.

Ken's expertise is your advantage. Call him today at 403.630.6363 !

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