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Downsizing is hard; especially when you're downsizing to one of the last places you'll reside. There is not a particularly easy way to tip-toe around the reality of this, and we know it can be an emotional process; not just for you, but for your loved ones, too. Here at Team Ken Richter we have helped many people sell their homes as the final step before moving into a retirement home. There's a lot involved, but we're here to support you. 

There are many types of retirement homes. For some, it's a smaller house or condo that is easier to manage and a more appropriate size for their needs. For others, it's a room in an assisted living space. Regardless, you're likely going to need to downsize significantly. Here are some tips for that process:

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Spring is slowly arriving, pushing through any fresh snow that dares to fall. Blossoms are appearing through the lingering frost and pavement is emerging under ice. Spring seems to happen slowly in Calgary, and then all at once. 

The start of a new season always ushers in a boost in the real estate market as people make not only seasonal, but physical transitions. Spring is no exception. In fact, it is one of the most popular times for both buyers and sellers to enter the market. Sellers finish their spring cleaning and put out 'for sale' signs, which prompts buyers to begin seriously searching for a new property, which prompts more 'for sale' signs. It is cyclical, and can be a competitive time in the market, but a lucrative one. 

If you're…

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We know you have seen the ads. Billboards proclaim 'WE WILL BUY YOUR HOME!' or 'Home Not Selling? Let us Buy!' These renegade real estate companies promise that if your home does not sell within a set number of days, they will buy it from you. It sounds like a good deal, but it really does not benefit you unless it is absolutely essential you be rid of your property right away. Here is why:

Typically the contracts for these deals state that the company will list your home for an agreed upon price for an agreed upon time. If your home does not sell within that amount of time, they will buy it from you for a different price. As previously mentioned, if it is crucial that you sell your home in the next sixty days these types of deals can be a last…

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Here are the highlights of the Calgary Real Estate Board's report, which you can read in full by clicking here:

  • "For the second month in a row, sales activity not only reached a monthly high but also hit new record highs for any given month. Gains occurred across every property type as they all hit new record highs."
  • "Inventories have remained relatively low, ensuring the market continues to favour the seller."
  • The "unadjusted benchmark price [was] $518,600 this month."
  • "Prices have risen by nearly $55,000 since December and currently sit nearly 18 per cent higher than last year’s levels."
  • "Price gains and rising lending rates are expected to weigh on demand in the second half of this year."

Each month the Calgary Real Estate…

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Many people choose to list their home in the springtime. The reasons to are plenty: the warmer weather makes it easier for prospective buyers to visit, curb appeal significantly improves when the dirty snow has melted away, and more people have flexibility in time off from work and school to prepare for an eventual move. Springtime is always the busiest season of the Calgary real estate market, and this year won't be an exception! 

Are you ready to make your move? Here are some tips on getting ready to sell your home this spring:

  1. Get on top of your spring cleaning! Listing your home for sale is the perfect opportunity to really deep clean your home. Move everything out of the way get in all the nooks and cranies. Cleaning well is an art form.…
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In today's blog we have two items of note we are excited to share!

The first comes from Ken Richter, who writes, "I would like to personally Thank my Team, Family and all of my Valued Clients for their continued support contributing to my success as a "2021" Year-End "TOP 4" Individual Real Estate Agent at RE/MAX Real Estate (Central), the #1 Selling RE/MAX Office Worldwide for 22 Years!" This is a major accomplishment and great news to kick off the 2022 New Year! 

Second, the Calgary Real Estate Board has released their 2022 Calgary Real Estate Market Forecast Report. This is a valuable report for buyers, sellers and investors to read and understand, as it gives insight into the market that will help you strategically make decisions for the…

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Even when the market is hot, you need to make sure that your home stands above the rest! One way you can do this is by completing some simple home upgrades that don't break the bank, but will have a major return when the offers land on the table. Here are four small things you can do to help your home sell:

Window Treatments: Windows are a big deal for buyers. The Spruce writes, "dreary draperies, torn window shades, or bent mini-blinds will do nothing to sell a home faster. Remove these outdated items and replace them with simple white mini-blinds or wood blinds cut-to-measure at a home center. This is a fairly simple fix that can refresh your rooms in just one weekend."

Smart Home Technology: Many of today's home buyers are Millennials and Gen…

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In this day and age people have access to information that makes it easier for them to act as their own realtor. However, here are the top 3 reasons why having a real estate agent is so useful:

1). Experience: Here at Team Ken Richter we like to make sure our clients know that our experience is their advantage. With over 30 years of experience, we have truly seen it all. We have weathered many different market conditions, helped all different types of buyers and sellers, and have watched the City of Calgary grow and change. We apply our years of experience to every aspect of our business. When you partner with Team Ken Richter, our experience will help guide you in ways that no google search can. 

2). Knowledge: The knowledge we have gained from…

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The summertime rush has slowly come to close, leaving in its wake many satisfied buyers, sellers and investors. It was a great season for Calgary real estate. Thankfully the good times do not have to end yet, we’re simply transitioning into another exciting season for the real estate market!

If your home is still on the market, don’t worry: fall is also a great time sell, buy or invest. Here at Team Ken Richter we work tirelessly every year, no matter what the season, to get your home sold at the right time, for the right price.

If you’re feeling anxious about not having sold your home yet, here are two things to consider to help give your home the competitive advantage this autumn:

1). Price: We always give our clients a suggestion on what their…

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You did it! You sold your home, the deal has closed, and now you’re standing in your empty home preparing to say your goodbyes. It’s the end of an era, but the start of a new adventure. This is an exciting, but sometimes daunting, challenge. If you’re anxious you’re forgetting something or missing an important step of the moving process, here is a checklist for your last day in your hold home: 

1). Make sure you have everything packed and moved. Do a couple of final walkthroughs just to be sure you haven’t missing anything. Make sure to review your closing contracts closely to make sure you don’t take anything with you that was on contract to say with the home, such as a trampoline or microwave. 

2). Make sure the home is clean and ready for it’s…

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