Snow Removal Tips

As a naïve child you once crossed your fingers and hoped with all of your might that it would snow during the Christmas season. You would stand at the window, enchanted by the fluffy flakes as they settled on your front lawn. Your father would come up behind you and grunt, shaking his head. What could possibly be wrong? It was the most beautiful time of the year.

Now that you are an adult, you know exactly what your father was so disgruntled about: snow means shoveling, and shoveling means numb fingers and a runny nose.

Snow is undoubtedly beautiful, and if you live in Calgary, you likely do not completely dislike it. After all, what is a Calgary winter without loads, and loads of snow? However, despite its beauty, snow can become a major pain to deal with. And it is your pain to deal with, because the City has a nifty little law that declares you are responsible for clearing the walkways outside your home. Thanks, Nenshi.

There is no getting around it: you have to clear the snow somehow. However, there are ways to avoid breaking your back over it. Here are some snow removal tips to get you through the winter:

1). Don’t wait. It is so much easier to shovel a little bit of snow away every night, rather than a huge chunk of icy horror at the end of the week. It may seem redundant, but trust us: it is worth it.

2). Sometimes you can’t help it and ice will build up. This is especially relevant for us here in Calgary because the Chinooks melt the snow, and then it drops below freezing overnight and the next morning cars are driving on a skating rink. Take a tip from the professionals and sprinkle salt all over your driveway and walkway—it will help melt the snow.

3). Consider buying De-Icer! It is a chemical that helps break the bond between ice and pavement so that snow and ice is easier to remove! If you are ahead of the game, you can also buy Anti-Icer that prevents this bond from happening in the first place. Just be sure the product you buy does not contain anything that will harm the environment!

4). Buy a snow blower. If you live in Calgary, it is worth it. Trust us.

Make sure you treat yourself afterwards with some hot chocolate! Good luck!

Your Real Estate Professional,

Ken Richter

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