Spring Decorating Trends

One of the most fun parts of owning a home is decorating it and getting to make it your own. Even the smallest change in visuals can liven up your home and make everything feel fresh and new. If you’re looking for some inspiration on what to do for your next home decorating project, look no further! We’ve got you covered.

This springs decorating trends are all about vibrantly neutral colours that are in style but will also remain classics. Gold, modern calligraphy and strong lines are predominant among many designs, along with feux-rustic accent pieces. Here are some of the trends in colours, fabrics, furniture and art.


The colours trending right now are vibrant neutrals. Blues with a teal twist, yellows with a golden tint, shimmery greys, vibrant greens and pure cream are all in style right now. While these colours aren’t typically paired together, they look absolutely amazing. Many of the decor pieces available right now include these colours.


Fabric styles are leaning towards south-western patterns, geometric designs and the same colours as listed above. Throw pillows to brighten up a neutral couch and long lightweight blankets are on trend. Complex fabrics layered on rustic wood is a beautiful stylistic choice that is also making waves in the design community. The picture below features a bed set from Bed Bath & Beyond!


Rustic is in. Recycled barn wood doors, palette coffee tables, vintage buckets and flower planters are all huge right now. People are using rustic furniture as an accent piece in their modern homes. Not only are these things cheap to make yourself, but they are dominating home decorating stores. Places such as Michaels are flourishing with rustic charm.


Modern and brush calligraphy are incredibly stylish right now. Many people are turning towards prints of quotes or words they like to replace landscape paintings. While minimalist, the art of the writing is incredibly beautiful. Old calligraphy has recently been given a modern twist. Try writing your own, or turn to somewhere like Etsy to purchase prints.

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