Staying Warm This Winter

If you have lived through a Calgary winter before, you have undoubtedly collected some nifty tricks to make the season more bearable. Every Calgarian could probably write a book about their adventures in the wintertime, which is both a blessing a curse. If this is your first winter in Calgary, talk to your neighbor for a wealth of knowledge! Also… good luck.If you have looked outside of your window recently, you may have noticed the fluffy white stuff sticking to the ground. The green grass from the summer is all dried out, the beautiful leaves have all fallen, and daylight savings has officially begun to cover the sun with dark skies early in the evening. It is that time of year, folks! Wintertime.

We, too, have collected some tricks for surviving the winter season that we will be sharing with you over the next couple of months! For now, we are here to help you survive the cold without spending millions of dollars on heating costs.

While the sun may be shining and the skies may be clear, Calgary can get cold. We don’t just mean nippy, we mean cold. Check out these tricks to stay warm indoors:

1). Bundle Up: Your mother probably said this to you multiple times when you were young, but it really is sound advice. Throw on an extra pair of socks and a sweater rather than cranking the heat! Crawl under a blanket, make some hot tea, and settle in.

2). Open Your Blinds: But only if the sun is high and hot! Why do animals sleep in the sunny spots on the floor? It’s because they are warm. Allow some of the sun’s rays to warm up the house, but make sure as soon as it disappears those blinds are shut again!

3). Buy a Space Heater: Space heaters are perfect because they will give you lots of heat in a concentrated area, rather than a little bit of heat spread to rooms you haven’t gone in since last week. It is much kinder to your electricity bill, and it can be moved to whatever room you’re in.

4). Cuddle: Sit down and sip hot chocolate with your significant other, have a movie night with the family—anything that makes you feel all cozy! If you’re not really the “cuddling” type, or if you are but you still want to be warmer, invest in an electric blanket! Just plug it in and curl up—heat will spread all through it.

You don’t have to strain your wallet just to stay warm. Be smart with how you can get warm without blasting your home’s heat, and everyone will be happy!

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