Successful Spring Cleaning!

Spring has arrived in beautiful Calgary, Alberta! Rain showers have summoned the glorious arrival of green grass, fresh blooms and sweet air! All of it has us anticipating the beautiful summer days ahead, with the chance to get outside and enjoy the sunshine. However, in order to do so guilt-free, spring cleaning is in order. Don't put it off until the snow falls again; act now so that your to-do list is done before the summer holidays.

Here are some tips on where to get started (and what to get started on) for spring cleaning success:

1). Inside the House: It is incredibly overwhelming to attempt to spring clean everything all at once; not to mention ineffective, since inevitably details will get missed. Break up your house into either sections or rooms and tackle them space by space. This allows you to focus and deep clean!

2). Outside the House: Outside maintenance is very important to get done in the spring and summer, since Alberta falls and winters do not afford home owners the luxury of year-round outdoor work. This is your time to tackle some big projects, such as repairing the deck or fence, planting shrubbery and flowers, landscaping a new pathway or installing a new storage shed. Don’t shy away from these projects; get it done now so that you can benefit from it all summer long!

3). In The Community: Join your community for clean up day and enjoy perks such as free snacks, junk drop off and more. Bowness has one coming up on May 26th; check it out and say hi to your neighbours! To see a complete list of community clean up dates, check out this link:

Don't feel overwhelmed; it'll all get done as long as you tackle it efficiently, and afterwards you can enjoy a cold drink. 

Your Real Estate Professional,

Ken Richter

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