Taking Home Sweet Home on the Road

There are many benefits that come with owning a home. It diversifies your investment portfolio, puts a roof over your head, allows you to gain equity and so much more. One of the downsides? It keeps you tethered to one spot; unless you are Captain Richard Deane, the Superintendent of Fort Calgary. Captain Deane didn't let anything stop him from moving the Deane House in 1926 across the Elbow river to where it sits today. They used logs to literally roll the house across the river!

All this being said, rolling a house across a river is not for everyone. So instead, why don't you roll up with a house on wheels: a Recreational Vehicle (RV). Many people are turning to RVs as a way to own a home that they can take with them on the road! Popular blogger Chelsie Antos and her husband lived and travelled in an RV while she spoke at business conferences across the United States, and they fell in love with the flexibility and experiences it afforded them. While they stressed that it is not for everyone, they found it to be a very reasonable and cost-effective way to live, especially as a young couple.

If you're thinking of making your next home-sweet-home one on wheels, here are some things to keep in mind:

The space needs to be functional. Really take your time shopping around for the best option for you and your family. This is not the time to make an impulse purchase! Consider what exactly your needs in terms of space are, as well as what you will realistically be facing after purchase. Do you want something you can use right away, or are you willing to renovate? What vehicle will you need to tow the RV? What systems, such as a microwave or television, do you want? Make your wish list and your must have list!

Remember that you can still make the space feel like home. For Chelsie and her husband, this meant hanging up family pictures, buying cozy throw blankets, having a little herb garden, installing a sound system for listening to music, and creating space so their dog could be on the road with them. You will definitely have to make sacrifices, but you can add personal touches to the space. And remember: you don't have to throw out all belongings that won't fit! Sell what you want to part with and put the rest in storage.

If you have a traditional property, make a plan for how you will maintain it. Set up services to mow the lawn, collect your mail, check in on the house, etc.. Friendly neighbors and family are great for this! If you are wanting to sell your home to live in the RV permanently, call me at 403-630-6363! Let's sell your home so you have the financial freedom to get out on the open road.

Is the RV life calling out to you?

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