The New President

Today is an exciting day in American history as Donald Trump is sworn in as the 45th American President.

In the last couple of days the Obamas have been moving out of their home for the past eight years, The White House, to make way for the Trumps. People across the globe have been tuning in to watch the events and are waiting expectantly to see what will happen as a result of Trump’s presidency.

This past election was one of the most dramatic as both candidates from the major political parties garnered international attention. The road to Presidency was everything a Netflix special dreams of, full of ups, downs, scandalous moments and heartwarming moments. The election seemed to divide even the closest of friends as people passionately advocated for one candidate over the other. In the end, Donald Trump won in a huge victory over Hilary Clinton and the other candidates.

People are going into this presidency with mixed emotions. There is hope for something new, worry of what’s to come, and the homesickness that comes with losing the former President, Barack Obama. One thing is clear: it is a new day, a fresh start and anything is possible.

Best of luck to President Trump as he officially takes office!

For all the latest updates, live streams and polls, check out this link from The National Post.

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