The Perfect Planner

School is officially in session which means there are a whirlwind of things to keep track of: assignments, extra curriculars, due dates, etc.. Trying to squeeze things in, prevent over-booking and make sure you remember a date before it’s too late can cause a lot of anxiety. Whether you are a student or a parent, keeping track off all these important dates and times can be extremely overwhelming.

The best way you can combat this anxiety is by being prepared and organized. This can seem like a large, daunting task, but we promise you it will be worth it. Here are some clever ways you can organize based on your needs:

1). For The Single Busy Body: Start a bullet journal. Bullet Journals are the latest fad in personal organization for one great reason: they works. With a bullet journal you buy any journal you like, then YOU design the layout. You can make to do lists, a daily schedule, keep track of habits, write down things you don’t want to forget, do personal journaling… A bullet journal enables you to have it all! They are simple and worthwhile.

2). For the Power Couple: Whether you are living with a roommate or a spouse, having a fridge calendar is perfect for two. There is not a lot of room for details, so we recommend maintaining your own journal alongside a fridge calendar. The object of the fridge calendar is simply to write down big events your partner needs to be aware of: class times, work schedules and events. This will allow you to know where your partner is and coordinate things like dinner and rides. It is simple to maintain and you can get creative with colour coding and layouts.

3). The Bustling Family: This form of tracking is ideal for big groups of people. This type of day planner is incredibly detailed. It enables each member of the family to have a section for their events and important dates, all stacked on top of each other in order to make seeing potential conflicts easy. This allows everyone to keep track of everyone else. This kind of organizer is more difficult to maintain, but if everyone is dedicated to filling in their info each month it can be a total life saver.

Stay organized this back to school season and don’t get too overwhelmed! Everything always works out.

Your Real Estate Professional,

Ken Richter

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