Things To Tuck Away For The Big Day

An Open House is the time for your home to shine. Help it shine by removing anything that may distract potential buyers from how beautiful your property is. Here are some items we recommend taking out of sight for the big day:

1). Clutter: We all have it, no matter how minimalistic our tastes are. Gather any extra clutter on countertops, bedside tables, shelves, etc. that does not serve a staging purpose and tuck it away. Whether you put it in bins beneath the stairs or stuffed into dresser drawers, make sure it is out of sight. Remember that Open House etiquette is that people will open doors, but not drawers.

2). Linens: Make sure that any towels, dishcloths, rags, etc. are put away. It does not matter if they are clean or not; throw them in the laundry basket or, better yet, wash them and store them appropriately. The only linens out on display should be bedsheets. Speaking of beds, make sure they are made and the pillows are fluffed!

3). Intimate Family Mementos or Photos: Items such as intimate photos, urns, or explicit signs need to be tucked away. You never know who is going to walk through your home and what may trigger them or make them uncomfortable. Keep it safely stored out of sight. You don’t want anything out that may throw someone off.

4). Expensive Items: If you have any open displays of wealth, such as cash, cheques, watches, jewelry, etc.. we recommend putting those away. While prospective buyers are under supervision and normally behave themselves, it’s always best not to tempt fate. If something does go missing, alert us, your real estate professional, right away?

Anxious you may have missed something in your tidy up? Our agents will always do a quick walk through and alert you of anything that may be amiss. You could also look into hiring a professional home stager to come get you set up for the big day. 

Breathe easy, it's going to go great!

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