Throwing A Stress Free Holiday Party

The holidays are full of parties and events. Here are some of our best tips on how to host a stress-free gathering:

1). Give yourself some time. While last minute parties are all fun and games, they typically lead to incredible amounts of unnecessary stress. Typically two weeks notice is an appropriate amount of time for yourself and guests, however since the holidays are such a busy time we recommend sending invites at least three weeks before the big day.

2). Plan ahead. Make your shopping lists, start crafting the decor and prepare as much food as early on as possible. Lots of desserts, like pies and cookies, can be made in advance. Even some main course items can be made ahead of time. The more you can get done before the event, the less stress you will have the day of.

3). Clear your schedule. There is nothing worse than hosting an event the same day as you have a dentist appointment or a big meeting at work. Try to schedule your life so that the only thing you have to do the day of your event is set up everything. You’ll thank yourself later.

4). Enlist help! Most guests (at least the good kind) will ask what they can do help, whether that means setting up things or bringing a food dish. Take them up on their offer. It does not make you any less of a good hostess. Get your family in on it, too. Empower your kids to help with little things, give your spouse specific and strategic tasks so things get accomplished. You don’t have to throw an amazing party all on your own.

5). Accept that things may not turn out exactly as you planned. Be flexible. Chances are it is too late to change anything, and fixing something that just won’t work is futile. Let go of your incredibly detailed game plan and compromise with yourself. Your guests will only know something went wrong if you throw a fit about it.

6). Have fun! Why throw a party if you’re not going to enjoy it? As soon as everything is ready to go, take a deep breath, pour a glass of wine, and enjoy yourself. After all, it is the season of being merry and bright. You’ve worked hard to prepare, so enjoy the moment. You’ve earned it.

Have fun celebrating the season and stay safe!

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