5 Days Until 2018: DIY Easy New Year's Eve Party

With December 31st just 5 d days away, 2017 is almost over! Not only is New Year's Eve a time to welcome in the new year, but it is a time to reflect on the last year. It doesn't matter where you do this, but having loved ones around you is a great way to mark the occasion. With that in mind, here are some tips on how to throw an incredible New Year's Eve party for your family and friends: 

1). Make your home your venue. You don't need to spend thousands of dollars throwing a rager; keep it simple and at home. If your guest list gets to big, see if someone with a larger space would be okay with you hosting it there! Just make sure to clean up afterwards.

2). Keep decorations simple. Black and gold balloons and streamers are inexpensive and easy to put together. Make some bunting for the wall and put a balloon outside so people can easily spot your home. Enlist some friends to come early and help you set up!

3). Create a playlist to be on in the background to fill any dead space. Put it on a loop and make sure you like all the songs, this way you don't have to fuss with it. It can stay on in the background. 

4). Preset whatever streaming device or television set you are using to watch the countdown on so that, again, you don't have to fuss and miss the midnight magic! When the time comes to tune in, you'll be ready to go. 

5). Make the party after dinner so that people have already eaten a meal, then make it an appetizer and dessert potluck! If everyone brings something, you won't get stuck cooking for hours or scrubbing pots and pans all the next day. On that note, use plastic or paper utensils and plates for easy clean up. 

6). Skip the champagne and go to IKEA for cheap sparkling juice that all of your guests will enjoy!

Take a moment to stop playing host/hostess. When the clock strikes 12, take a deep breath. A new year is here; you made it through 2017, and 2018 is going to be your best year yet. Celebrate with your loved ones, you've earned it! 

Your Real Estate Professional,

Ken Richter

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