Tips for Managing Your Vacation Property

With summer right around the corner, the market for vacation rentals is heating up!

If you own a vacation property that you rent out, it is likely already booked for the summer. Most properties get booked well ahead of time, with a few vacancies that last-minute shoppers can snag if they’re lucky. This is perfect for property owners, because it allows you a chance to get prepared ahead of time. After all, you want to be able to enjoy your summer, too!

Here are some tips for getting prepared for the busy season:

  1. Mark your calendar! Whatever system you use to track your daily activities for your personal life, make sure to add notes of what is happening with the rental. This way you don’t have to cross-check calendars, and you are always able to quickly see where things are at. This will also give you the chance to easily plan when you’ll be by for restocks or cleans so that you’re never stressed at the last second because it slipped your mind.
  2. Stock up on supplies now. Head to Costco and load up your cart with toilet paper, cleaning supplies, coffee, spare linens, and anything else your property might offer guests that could get used up/require replacement. Getting things head of time means you don’t have to miss out on a relaxing summer day because you’re spending your time in lineups.
  3. Prepare welcome packages, notes, or emails in advance. Have everything lined up and labeled so you know exactly what goes where and when it’s needed. It’s all in the details, folks!
  4. Block off time for you to enjoy the property! So many vacation rental owners note how they never get to enjoy their own property. Book time to enjoy the property yourself. Not only is this good for the soul, but it allows you to experience the property yourself to see what improvements or additions may be needed. What you don’t foresee you can experience first-hand.

Owning a vacation rental property can be a great source of income and a fantastic investment, but it is a ton of work! By preparing things ahead of time you can avoid last-minute stress and enjoy your summer, too.

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