Unique Coffee Shops in YYC

Calgarians are busy. We are a city that thrives on an entrepreneurial spirit that works hard snow or shine. With such a bustling atmosphere, Calgary needs something to keep it chugging along at full speed ahead. Lots of things enable Calgarians to work hard: family, culture, community, etc. And what is the key ingredient to the start of a long day? Coffee.

Here in Calgary you can find a Starbucks, Tim Hortons, Good Earth or Second Cup on nearly every block. However, we also have a thriving independent coffee shop community. These coffee shops are locally owned and curated. These unique shops are the perfect place to grab a cup of joe on the go, or to sit and soak in the atmosphere. Either way, we guarantee you’ll love every single one.

Without further ado, here are three of our favourite coffee shops in Calgary:

1). Monogram: Monogram is the quintessential hipster coffee shop, complete with unique beverages (such as their infamous Iced Earl Grey Tea Latte) and a friendly staff of upbeat twenty-somethings. With their minimalist decor, Monogram seeks to craft coffee in exactly the way it should be made. There are no shortcuts, no illusions, no chemicals: just straight up coffee. Check them out HERE.

2). Analog: Analog is the retail location of its mother company, Fratello Coffee Roasters. Their desire has always been to create amazing coffee in amazing environments. They work directly with farmers across the globe to produce their coffee, which is always ethically sourced. Not only does buying a coffee from Analog ensure that you are getting a top tier product, but the prices are great and the atmosphere of their shops is perfect for both coffee dates and meetings. Check them out HERE.

3). Higher Ground Cafe: Located in the heart of Kensington, Higher Ground Cafe boasts organic coffee and teas and a sustainable business model that seeks to create the smallest environmental footprint as possible. They are extremely involved in the surrounding community as they seek to help Calgary become a better, greener city. If you love quaint coffee shops with a homey atmosphere and beautiful surrounding area, Higher Ground Cafe is for you. Check them out HERE.

What are your favourite coffee shops around the city? Let us know, we would love to hear from you!

Happy coffee drinking!


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