What Are Your Non-Negotiables?

When it comes to buying a home, you must play the delicate game of not being too picky, but also not being too lenient. You need to ensure you don't miss out on a fantastic property in a fantastic location at a fantastic price simply because it does not have some small item from your dream list, but you also need to ensure you don't buy a lemon simply because you think what the home is lacking is not a major deal. You need to navigate both your wants and your needs carefully. 

Many realtors will tell you to draft up a wish list of what you want your home to have. Homeowners put items on these lists such as french doors to the bedroom, upstairs laundry, a room for an entertainment centre, Jacuzzi tubs and more. All of these are lovely items that may be essential to some families, but for most of us, they would merely be really nice additions. Here you must ask yourself: what are my wants and what are my needs? And of my needs, how many of those are things I actually need versus things other people and society are telling me I need?
Scrap the wish list. Come up with a list of non-negotiables; the things you absolutely cannot live with out. An example of a non-negotiable versus something you potentially could be more flexible on are Bedrooms vs. Bathrooms. You need enough bedrooms for everyone in your household, period. Bedrooms are one of the most basic search criteria we use to help our valued clients find the right fit for them. If a home does not have enough space for all who will be living there, it is not the right home. Bathrooms, on the other hand, you can be more flexible on. Maybe, ideally, you would have one main bathroom and an ensuite bathroom for the master bedroom. This is really nice, but not essential. In many homes, all members of the household share one bathroom. Don't let a great home in a great location at a great price pass you by because you wanted your own personal toilet. 
Pinpoint this key difference and your home search will go much more smoothly!
Good luck! Contact us today at 403-630-6363 to begin your search. 
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