What Happens When Your Home Just Won't Sell

The process of selling a home is an adventure, to say the least. 

Some homes sell before they are even officially on the market, while others can take a number of years to sell. Here at Team Ken Richter we are dedicated to selling your home for top dollar in the best possible timeframe. Still, there are a lot of variables. Things such as market conditions, the type of home, the quality of the property, the economy, current events and more can effect how quickly your home will sell. The stars have to align just right in order for a sale to successfully go through. 

So what do you do when your home just won't sell? Like we mentioned, there can be many different reasons why your property is not selling. Talk to us, but in the meantime, consider the following:

If your home is not selling due to the market, you can either dig your heels in and be patient or take your home off the market and try again when the conditions improve. Typically when a home won't sell due to market conditions it is because Calgary is experiencing a buyers market where there is lots of inventory for sale and not too many buyers. In this kind of market you have to be priced competitively. You may need to lower your asking price in order for your home to stand out. While this may mean you don't get as much for the property as you had hoped, it can get the property out of your hands faster. 

If your home is not selling due to the home itself, consider making minor aesthetic renovations and upgrades. A fresh coat of paint or new shower can go a long way! Ken can give you a number of suggestions on what you can do to make your home stand out as someone's new gorgeous home-sweet-home. Invest some sweat equity into the property and you could see major results. 

We know this can be frustrating, but remember: we are here to help in every way we possibly can. Our tried and true marketing plan has successfully sold many homes, from fixer-ups to luxury properties. If you are considered, call us! We can help give you a better idea of why your home is not selling and what can be done to remedy the situation. When you work with Team Ken Richter, you don't just get our sign on your lawn: you can our entire time working hard to sell your home for top dollar! 

Your Real Estate Professional,

Ken Richter

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