Where To See The Autumn Colours

Autumn is one of the most underrated seasons that Alberta has to offer. This is typically due to the fact that because of the Northern weather we all are subject to, summer is typically swept away September 1st and immediately replaced with frosty mornings and fluffy white stuff.

This year has been fantastic. Albeit that freak snowstorm back in September, summer has slowly stretched her limbs and transitioned into an absolutely gorgeous fall. The trees that were so damaged from the snow have shown tremendous amounts of resilience and are looking incredible.

This does not happen often, so take advantage of it! We are counting off our top three favourite places to go here close to home if you want to see the beautiful fall colours Alberta has to offer this autumn. Check them out!

First off is Princess Island Park. Located three steps north of the Eau Claire area of Calgary, the park is a beautiful sanctuary filled with great paths, bridge views, access to the river, and plenty of trees dressed in their absolute best! Park the car and take a walk with family and friends, you won’t be disappointed.

If you are looking for something a little more active, take a drive through the mountains into Canmore and Banff area. There are plenty of trails that you can hike where you will not only be surrounded by the autumn leaves, but will see them stretching out before you for miles and miles! It truly is beautiful this time of year. Check out this link for good trail directions: http://www.canmore.ca/Recreation-Parks-and-Facilities/Trails/Trails.html

Wanting to just take a pretty drive? Check out southwest Calgary! Signal Hill area, along with the neighbourhoods surrounding it are all filled with beautiful fall colours! The back roads are gorgeous and can give you some stunning views. So, fill up the tank with gas, get a tasty drink (pumpkin spice latte, anyone?), and go enjoy the sights!

Take advantage of the fall colours while they last! Soon enough the snow will come and the trees will be empty. Have fun, go outdoors, take lots of pictures, and enjoy this season of pumpkins, sweaters, pie, scarves, and pretty leaves!


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Ken Richter

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