Why A Realtor Is So Valuable

In this day and age people have access to information that makes it easier for them to act as their own realtor. A google search can provide a list of homes are on the market, you can research all you need to know to help you close a deal, etc. However, nothing will ever outweigh the value of partnering with a realtor. Sure, you may save some costs. But what you lose in experience, knowledge and expertise is invaluable.

Here are the top 3 reasons why having a realtor is so useful:

1). Experience: Here at Team Ken Richter we like to make sure our clients know that our experience is their advantage. With over 30 years of experience, we have truly seen it all. We have weathered many different market conditions, helped all different types of buyers and sellers and have watched the City of Calgary grow and change. We apply our years of experience to every aspect of our business. When you partner with a realtor, their experience can help guide you in ways that no google search can. A realtor’s experience truly is your advantage.

2). Knowledge: The knowledge we have gained from working in real estate for the past 30 years is invaluable. Yes, information about how to buy or sell a home on your own is readily accessible. However, people forget that every single deal is very different. There are complexities involved in buying or selling that cannot be understood by first time buyers or sellers. While we highly recommend doing your own research, having a realtor such as ourselves is an incredible asset. We have experienced every type of scenario, so the knowledge we bring to the table can make the process so much smoother for you.

3). Expertise: Here at Team Ken Richter we have sold and found homes for people all across the city. Focusing on YYC for these last 30 years has enabled us to become well acquainted with Calgary and all it has to offer. Two communities that we especially love to work with are Bowness and Montgomery. We consider ourselves experts on those two communities, which is a great asset for people looking at buying or selling in those areas. Wherever you are looking to do business, find a realtor that knows the area inside and out. Having someone with that expertise can enable you to make more informed choices.

If you’re looking at buying or selling, contact us. We would love to meet with you and hear about your goals. We love partnering with people and would be happy to share our experience, knowledge and expertise with you.

Your Calgary, Bowness & Montgomery Realtor® Ken Richter

Your Real Estate Professional,

Ken Richter

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