Why Now Is A Great Time to Buy

It is officially fall in Calgary, Alberta! The leaves have all turned yellow, red and gold, a chill is in the air, pumpkins are being sold in stores and, most noticeably, the city experienced it's first snowfall! Someone once wrote, "autumn kissed summer goodbye with the tenderest of touch." Our transition from summer to fall may not have been that tender, but thankfully things won't get too snowed in for awhile yet. 

The fall is a really exciting time in real estate! Something a lot of people don't know is that even though people are getting more settled in for the winter, this is an incredibly active time in the market. If you're still looking for Calgary homes for sale now is an excellent time to get plugged into the market. This is because as we reach the final stretch of 2018, sellers are getting more anxious to sell their home before 2019 hits. 

Many people list their homes in the springtime with hopes they will sell over the summer. This is a fantastic strategy: homes often have much more foot traffic when it's nice outside and homes show better, and lots of people with kids want to be moved in before the start of the new school year. However, homes that don't sell in the summer often turn to lowering asking prices in order to compete come fall. Finding a seller anxious to close before the new year is a fantastic opportunity to negotiate.

Along with your average seller, builders also want to get rid of inventory before the end of the year. When they have too much existing and unsold inventory on their hands at year end it looks bad for their company and their bottom line. Many are much more willing to negotiate closer to the end of the year than they are at the start of the summer. Some will even through in things like money towards appliances or certain upgrades in order to sweeten the deal! Not only does buying a new build help the builder, it helps you! Having such a major financial move to add to your bottom line will benefit you come tax season. 

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