Winter Backyard Additions

At the start of the winter season we braced you for the cold: we gave you tips to cut down on heating costs, ways to keep your driveway and walkway clear of snow and ice, we even taught you how to prepare your home for the big freeze! The winter season did not last nearly as long as weathermen across Canada warned us it would, however that does not mean we are completely clear of the cold.

Temperatures are already on the rise towards what is going to be a beautiful spring! However, Calgarians still have to make it through February, which is consistently one of the coldest months of the year. Rather than complain about the cold and lament another day of freezing winds, we thought the best way to cap off this winter season would be to teach you how you can make the most of it (specifically as it pertains to your backyard).

What are some fun backyard addtions you can make this winter to make the last weeks of cold a little more enjoyable? We have some ideas.

Nothing is more Canadian than a skating rink, and no skating rink is better than one that is in your backyard. So many Calgary homes are fortunate enough to have plenty of space in their backyards. Take advantage of this and make your own home skating rink! All it takes is a wooden barrier, tarp, water, and a couple of cold winter evenings. Try it out!

What is the best way to spend a cold winter’s eve? Cuddled up with hot chocolate by a fire, of course! Consider installing one in your backyard this winter. All it takes is some cinderblocks and strategic placement. Bonus? It will keep the skaters on your backyard rink nice and warm. It will be just as cozy come summertime: it is the gift that keeps on giving!

Try making beautiful walkway/deck liners! Fill up balloons with coloured water and stick them outside overnight. The water will freeze, and then in the morning you can cut away the balloon and be left with colourful ice balls! These are a fun extra touch to make any backyard landscape beautiful!

With your outdoor rink, fireplace, and beautiful ice balls, you have all the materials you need to host outdoor parties this winter! Delight in the cold: winter is part of what makes Calgary such a wonderful place to live. Some people never get to experience snow, but all of us here do. Celebrate the end of the season in style. Have fun!

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