Winter Garden Care

After this month’s big freeze, all of us faithful Calgarians were shocked out of summer. If you are anything like us here at Team Richter, it took some time to accept the fact that more snow was not coming. The snow melted quickly and we had absolutely beautiful weather, after all!

Summer has finally had the chance to slowly transition into fall. The leaves are turning crispy and orange, the grass is turning golden, and flowers everywhere are blooming for the last time.

If you didn’t pack up your garden after the last snowstorm, now is the time to do so.  Temperatures are going to begin dropping, and when that happens you need to be prepared. Garden care doesn’t end the moment the first flower blooms. It’s an ongoing project that, if done correctly, can reap tremendous rewards.

First things first, trim down all plants to an inch or two above the soil. This way it’s a clean cut, not a harsh snap from the snow. This will allow you to clear away dead and diseased plants, making sure that nothing will infest your garden.

Next, cover the flowerbed in evergreen branches. The pine needles will protect your garden’s soil so that it does not as easily freeze and crack, but they will still allow room for water to continue to hydrate the soil. You can find evergreen branches out near the mountains or in a park, just make sure you’re not completely stripping a tree and are not committing some illegal act.

Lastly, put in garden spikes. Garden spikes are little wooden spikes you place around the perimeter of your garden to ensure that your garden does not get trampled when it is covered with snow and no one can see it, and to make sure that when you are shoveling said snow, you don’t shovel away half of your flowerbed!

When spring comes you will need to be ready with fertilizer and gardening gloves, but for now simply follow the above steps and hold tight! Remember that while outdoor plants are not practical in Alberta winters, indoor plants can still add some fresh, summery-vibes to your home! Have fun!

Your Real Estate Professional,

Ken Richter

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