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At the start of the winter season we braced you for the cold: we gave you tips to cut down on heating costs, ways to keep your driveway and walkway clear of snow and ice, we even taught you how to prepare your home for the big freeze! The winter season did not last nearly as long as weathermen across Canada warned us it would, however that does not mean we are completely clear of the cold.

Temperatures are already on the rise towards what is going to be a beautiful spring! However, Calgarians still have to make it through February, which is consistently one of the coldest months of the year. Rather than complain about the cold and lament another day of freezing winds, we thought the best way to cap off this winter season would be to teach you how you

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Valentine's Day is February 14th, today! 

Some people are critical of Valentine's Day. Theask, "why must there be a specific day of the year to force people to show love? In a healthy relationship, every day should be Valentine's Day. You shouldn't need an arbitrary Hallmark holiday to do something special." While some of this argument is valid, because it is true that you should love on those important to you all year round, it neglects to remember this:

No matter how much you love someone, there is no possible way for every single day to be filled with wild love and special moments. Love is messy, life is crazy, and not every day will be a perfect fairytale. Does this mean your love is not beautiful? No! It is passion, both good and bad, that

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Calgary has been experiencing a wild winter season, with warm chinook days contrasted by incredibly cold stretches. Just how cold has it been, you ask? So cold that not even the Penguins want to be outside.

You read that right. CBC news reports, "just how cold is it in Alberta these days? Colder than the South Pole — at least in Calgary, where the zoo locked even the penguins indoors to keep their tootsies toasty. The Calgary Zoo cancelled its much-loved 'Penguin Walk' — a special event that can attract large crowds — for a third straight day Wednesday." The official statement from the Calgary Zoo read, "the Penguin Walk has been cancelled once again due to extreme cold weather conditions. As this weather puts physiological stress on the birds, we

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New Year, New You, right? 

We always have high hopes that the new year will be a game changer. We're going to become more wealthy, get more in shape, cultivate more relationships, and just generally be better. We expect our quality of life to skyrocket as we begin thriving. After all, it's a new year! A blank slate where anything is possible. 

Having these hopes and goals for the new year are valuable. We should all be pushing to be the best version of ourselves. Settling into a victims mentality will only ever keep us down on our luck. We truly do have the power to change our situation, and each day is a new opportunity to do so. 

The problem people run into is that they have big, vague goals that never get accomplished because they were

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Season's Greetings!

All of us here at Team Ken Richter would like to wish you and your loved ones a wonderful Christmas. May your days be merry and bright as you take time to rest and reflect during this holiday season.

We would like to extend out sincerest gratitude for your continued support. We appreciate all of our valued clients, both past and present, who made 2019 an incredible year! We look forward to another fantastic year ahead. 

We hope that your Christmas and new year is filled with peace, love, prosperity and happiness. 

Merry Christmas!
Ken & Vivian Richter

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Christmas is only a few days away! You know what that means… the malls are packed because people have not finished shopping for gifts. This may be the most wonderful time of the year for businesses that are profiting from last minute gift-buyers, but it is definitely not the most wonderful time of the year for shoppers that just want to get home.

To make your last minute gift shopping process faster, we have complied a list of Christmas gift ideas that are easy to aquire. Figure out exactly what you need, exactly where you can get things and get ready to wade through the crazies. It is time for your last minute gift guide:

1). Starbucks: Starbucks has a wide range of tumblers, coffee beans and gift cards that make the perfect little gift trio for

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In Calgary we are blessed (and somewhat stressed) to get all four seasons. It means that in the spring we get rain and fresh blooms, that the summer brings hot sunny days, the in the fall we can walk through crunchy golden leaves, and that in the winter we get a blanket of snow over beautiful Calgary. In many other places in the world, they are lucky to experience two seasons, let alone all four. 

Because we get all four seasons, Calgary has worked hard to make sure that there are activity opportunities for residents no matter what the weather looks like outside. One way they have done this is by efficiently transforming sites from season to season, adapting to each new need. The best example of this is the Bowness Lagoon. 

The Bowness Lagoon

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Calgary has turned into a winter wonderland. It has been snowing steadily since Christmas Eve, blanketing our beautiful city in white, fluffy flakes. With such a beautiful winter landscape to explore, many people are embarking on adventures. With so many beautiful places close to the city, day trips and longer road trips are a fantastic way to enjoy the season. However, while the snow is beautiful, it also makes for dangerous driving conditions. Here are some tips for how to have a safe road trip experience:

1). First thing you need to do is make sure your vehicle is ready and equipped to handle the winter driving conditions. It is essential that you have winter tires (and a spare), that your battery, belts, brakes, heater and windshield wipers are

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The sky growing dark by five in the evening is always a sure sign that Christmas is around the corner and that winter has arrived (incase the heaps of snow we received did not already tip you off). While people absolutely love having one more hour to sleep due to daylight savings, the sun falling quickly always seems to throw everyone off. Even when it is daytime, the shadow of winter seems to make any stray ray of light murky and grey.

During a YYC winter, everything seems grey. The snow is grey, the side of your car is grey and the skies are grey. With all this grey it becomes difficult for sunlight to give your home the extra touch of light that it would normally have. To compensate, people must turn to artificial lighting and optical illusions.

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If you have lived through a Calgary winter before, you have undoubtedly collected some nifty tricks to make the season more bearable. Every Calgarian could probably write a book about their adventures in the wintertime, which is both a blessing a curse. If this is your first winter in Calgary, talk to your neighbor for a wealth of knowledge! Also… good luck.If you have looked outside of your window recently, you may have noticed the fluffy white stuff sticking to the ground. The green grass from the summer is all dried out, the beautiful leaves have all fallen, and daylight savings has officially begun to cover the sun with dark skies early in the evening. It is that time of year, folks! Wintertime.

We, too, have collected some tricks for

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