Winterize Outdoor Spaces

Outdoor living spaces are such a enviable luxury. Plain backyards can be transformed into works of art with varnished decks, ponds, twinkling lights, gardens and patio furniture. Here in Calgary we get the pleasure of having some beautiful outdoor living spaces since most homes have some variety of a backyard and the weather is nice enough to use the space to its maximum potential for about two months of the year. Unfortunately, this good weather does not last.

All of the outdoor living space elements mentioned above need to be winterized for the other eight months of the year. This is to ensure they don’t get damaged in harsh weather conditions. Here are some tips on how to properly winterize your outdoor living space before the frost comes:

1). Protect any wood structures, particularly decks, from water damage the snow can cause. Sweep any debris off before snowfall and cover it in a water-tight sealer. This will prevent debris bacteria from eroding the wood and will also prevent any swelling or cracking that the varying temperatures may cause.

2). You don’t want to have to deal with frozen, burst pipes in your sprinkler system, water features, swimming pool, etc. Flush out any remaining water, remove hoses and drains for the winter and add winterizing chemicals to water features that won’t be completely drained to aid in the protection process. Be sure to look up manufacturer specific instructions on anything you have outdoors to see what is recommended.

3). Enjoy one last day in your Garden. Harvest any remaining fruits and vegetables. Cut down some flowers to put in your home or to press before they freeze and die. Clear out weeds, any garbage/debris, leaves, etc.. Add a top layer of mulch to protect against frost and ease the other plants into winter. If you want your garden to still be standing after winter, this is important!

4). Take down any lighting, decorations, furniture, etc. Store it all for the winter to prevent possible damage. You may even wish to store it somewhere relatively accessible incase we get one of those rare but beautiful December days where it warms up significantly. You never know, it is Calgary, after all.

It is officially Fall, so make sure you take care of your outdoor living space before it is officially winter. It is an important aspect of protecting your property. Good luck!

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