Winterizing Your Home

This week we saw the autumn dew turn to frost in an altogether expected, but disappointing, turn of weather. Besides, what is a month in Calgary without snow? A miracle.

Nonetheless, temperatures are staying just slightly above zero, promising a smooth transition out of autumn and into the winter. While all of us here at Team Ken Richter are determined to enjoy pumpkin-everything, the remaining crunchy leaves, and the last pieces of this beautiful Fall season, we are also going to take advantage of the nice weather while it lasts!

That’s right. It is time to winterize.

While it may be early, it is better to prepare while it is still nice outside, rather then when it is cold and freezing outside. Here are some things you should consider doing in the next week or so in order to prepare for the winter to come! While some of them may seem a little extreme, just remember: so is Calgary weather.

If you have any leaks, cracks, or holes in your home, now is the time to fix them! What is annoying during the summer is going to become detrimental during the winter and is something that could seriously damage your home. Carefully inspect problem areas and make sure you seal your home up tight! Pay particular attention to drafts coming from doorways, and use something such as a draft snake to take care of it.

Check all of your gutters and drains! Things blocking them or caught in them can create a sort of dam that water will get trapped behind and freeze, creating massive back-ups and issues for your home! Clear everything out to make sure it is smooth sailing.

One of the biggest ways that the cold can creep into your home is through windows. You can buy winterizing kits for them, although they are not the prettiest things to look at. Other options are buying heavy drapes, or getting storm windows installed! Both options are more expensive upfront, but can save you hundreds of dollars in heating bills over the years. No matter what you do, make sure the windows are airtight!

The most important thing about winterizing is making sure you save on your heating bill and protect your home from the elements. Although it may seem like extra work and money up front, it is incredibly important to take care of your property. Not only will this keep it running smoothly for you, but it will add value to any potential sale! Take care of your home, and it will take care of you.

Your Real Estate Professional,

Ken Richter

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