Winterizing Your Home Against The Snow

Every fall we write about winterizing your home. This is because properly winterizing your home is extremely important. Your property is precious and valuable, do not risk it being damaged. Think of it like a child you need to bundle up in the wintertime. The weather has been beautiful so far, but we all know that with Halloween quickly approaching, snow is inevitably on the horizon...

First things first, make sure the structure of your home is in top condition. Pay particular attention to the roof, windowsills and siding. Winter can get wet quickly with Calgary chinooks, so limiting your chances of leakage is crucial. Heavy snow can also collapse already damaged roofs, so again, take care of these right away.

Pipes can be another major problem area, especially if your drain pipes are clogged up with leaves from the fall. Make sure everything is clear and running smoothly. If you have garden hoses or other miscellaneous outdoor water pipes, turn them off and store them indoors as necessary.

Go through the contents of your backyard and shed. What items should be moved indoors to prevent damage? Carefully assess all cleaners, hardware and toys to make sure that they will not be damaged if they are frozen. This is also a great opportunity to get rid of anything that was used up during the summer.

Indoors, make sure all of the seals beneath your doors are in good condition and that your heating system is working properly. Even the smallest crack in a door can cause a draft that will cool down your home significantly. This can wreck havoc on your heating bill. Your heating bill can also be thrown off if your system is not running properly. Do a test and make sure all the vents are pumping out hot air and that the heater itself is in good condition.

Spending a day preparing your property for winter is incredibly worth it. It can save you a lot of money and stress in the long run. Good luck!

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