Your Painting Project

Sooner or later, whether it is today or thirty years from now, your home will require a fresh coat of paint. Multiple factors contribute to this need for a facelift: dents, sunspots, your toddlers latest permanent marker creation, etc. The list is extensive and inevitably unavoidable.

Do not fret—painting can be quite enjoyable if you know what your doing! Not only will it give aesthetic value to your property, but it will give you pride in your home and will be a great fresh start! You have worked hard to be able to own your own home, and now you get to do whatever you want with it! Remember when you were a child and you wanted to paint your walls an outrageous color that your mother would never allow? Now you can!

Ready to get painting? We have a step-by-step list of everything you need to do in order to make it a successful, fun experience!

1). Assess what needs to be painted. Figure out how much space you will be painting and what the rooms are.

2). Pick your colors! This is the best part. It is all up to you, so have fun with it!

3). Go buy your paint! Sometimes it can be expensive, so check paint cans on sale that are perfectly good paint but were just mixed the wrong tint of the originally desired color! If you’re not picky, this is a great way to get the paint you need. Either way, make sure there will be enough of it!

4). Buy some painting tape and sheets, or some sort of material to protect your floor, so that you can make sure the only place the paint is landing on is the surface it is intended to land on!

5). Purchase the correct brushes. There are different brushes for different painting jobs, just as there is different kind of paint for different painting jobs. Go to your local Home Depot and ask the person working in the paint section for their suggestion on what will best aid your task!

6).  Set aside enough time to get the job done in one go! Nobody wants to live in a half painted house for six months.

7). From the start, have fans running and windows open! This will help cut down on those nasty paint fumes and will allow the paint to dry faster.

8). Keep excess paint! That way if something gets scratched or dinged, it is an easy fix!

Happy painting!

Your Real Estate Professional,

Ken Richter

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