Referrals & Relocation

Not only can we refer you to an area specialist if you are buying or selling a property outside of Calgary, but we hope you consider referring Ken Richter to people looking for Calgary's area specialist. 

We understand the value of working with an area specialist.

It is why, time after time, people choose to partner with Team Ken Richter when buying or selling real estate in Calgary. As a real estate professional in the Calgary market for 30+ years, with specific specialty in the Bowness, Montgomery and Bow Crescent areas, Ken has become a trusted name in the business.

Benefit from our trusted referrals. 

While we do not work in markets outside of Calgary, Ken can use his vast network of fellow real estate professionals to find you a specialist in your area of interest. You can trust Ken's referral when you are loping to buy a property or sell and existing property in another city. 

Lean on our expertise. 

Not only can Ken refer you to another passionate, hard-working area specialist, but he can aid you in the relocation process. There is often an overwhelming amount of things to do when moving, especially if you are a first-time homeowner. Take the guesswork and the stress out of your relocation by leaning on the support and advice of Team Ken Richter.

Refer Ken Richter today!

We appreciate all referrals from our valued clients.

If you were referred to us through a friend or family member, we promise to exceed the level of exceptional customer service that we have provided in the past. If you enjoy working with us, we would ask that you keep us in mind for all future real estate endeavors and that you refer us to anyone you may know who is looking for a trusted name in real estate.

We value our long-standing client relationships and look forward to all new ones!  

Contact us today for a custom referral, to have your relocation questions answered, or to dive into Calgary Real Estate with Team Ken Richter!

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