Calgary Schools

One of the ways in which the City of Calgary ensures it is family-friendly is by providing incredible education opportunities. Not only does Calgary have a place for every student to study, whether they are entering preschool or University, but the wide variety of schools cater to each student's unique passions and needs. In Calgary you will find bilingual, arts, academic and sports-centric schools, along with post-secondary institutions for everything from cosmetics to engineering. Find the right fit for you today!

Elementary Education

Give your child the foundation they need to flourish by signing them up for elementary school... read more.

Middle School Education

Prepare your student for the next level of education by finding your designated middle school... read more

High School Education

High School is "glory days," and in Calgary this is especially possible given the wide range of schools to choose from... read more.

Post-Secondary Education

Calgary is passionate about giving people access to the education they need to be active contributors to the city... read more

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