Foothills Medical Centre

Opened in 1966, the Foothills Medical Centre has swiftly become the largest hospital in Alberta and the leading and most recognized hospital in all of Canada. Not only is Foothills Medical Centre a level 1 Trauma Centre, but it is partnered with the University of Calgary to help train future doctors, nurses and healthcare professionals. It serves over 2 million people from Calgary, southern Alberta, southeastern British Columbia and southern Saskatchewan.

The Foothills Medical Centre includes the Hotchkiss Brain Institute, The Tom Baker Cancer Centre, the University of Calgary Medical Centre and a Special Services building where most other medical services are provided. Leading in research and treatment, this medical center provides incredibly valuable care to many people. Having such fantastic medical care right at the heart of our city is a point of pride for many Calgarians. 

If you are experiencing a medical emergency, call 9-1-1. 

Address: 1403 - 29 Street NW
Phone: 403-944-1110