The Southern Alberta Institute of Technology (SAIT)

The Southern Alberta Institute of Technology (SAIT), originally called the Provincial Institute of Technology and Art (PITA), was the first publicly-funded  technical institute in Canada. They note that their "hands-on, skills-oriented training [was] designed to meet the practical needs of employers, a philosophy that continues to this day." SAIT moved to their current campus in 1922, flourishing with their wide variety of classes and correspondence options.

During the Great Depression their funding was cut significantly, causing professor layoffs and tuition hikes. This made the cost of schooling impossible for most. During WW2, SAIT "began delivering courses under the federal government's War Emergency Training Program. At the height of the war effort training, classes ran around the clock to accommodate regular students as well as vocational training for the armed forces." A blessing in disguise, this made SAIT more accessible to students and led it to become what it is today: a thriving post-secondary school for tradespeople. 

SAIT has eight academic schools: Business, Construction, Energy, Health and Public Safety, Hospitality and Tourism, Information and Communications Technologies, Manufacturing and Automation, and Transportation. English language foundations and academic upgrading are also offered. Located at the heart of Calgary, SAIT has become a beacon of learning and opportunity. 

Interested in attending SAIT to begin your academic adventure? Apply today!

Address: 1301 16 Ave NW
Phone: 403-284-7248

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