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Consider a timer switch for you bathroom exhaust fan to save your walls!

Bathroom exhaust fans are designed to remove the humidity created by running hot water. They help prevent an excessive build-up of moisture, which can damage furniture and walls, and cause mold and mildew to grow. However, some bathroom fans are hard-wired to their bathroom light switch, so they are often either turned off before they have done their job or left to run all day. Unless you have an expensive humidity sensor in your bathroom fan, the cost-effective solution is to install or attach a timer power switch specifically for the fan, so that it will turn itself off in the appropriate amount of time.

Save energy and save some cash!

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Do you have a stain in your stainless steel kitchen sink that won’t come off no matter how diligently you wash and rinse? Try this remedy for getting the sparkle back. Shake some ordinary baking soda onto the stain; let it sit for two minutes, then wipe with a soaking wet, non-abrasive cloth. Ta-da! 

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Offers of purchase and sale on a home are often contingent on a satisfactory home inspection. That means the buyers have period of time to hire a qualified home inspector to do what his or her title suggests: inspect the property top to bottom and inside and out.Based on the results, the buyers can either confirm their intention to complete the purchase, or negotiate repairs or compensation for identified deficiencies.

How do you select a home inspector?

Team Ken Richter has a few home inspection companies that we use on a regular basis which we can definitely recommend.

Typically, you want someone who is certified with a recognized professional association, such as the Canadian Association of Home & Property Inspectors. It’s also advisable to…

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Shopping for a home doesn’t have to be a stressful experience. In fact, with a little planning, you can make the entire process fun for everyone – even if there are kids involved. 

• Get the whole family involved in deciding what kind of home you should consider. The more everyone, especially kids, feel a part of the process, the more likely they are to adjust well to the idea of moving.

• Bring healthy, light snacks and drinks with you when viewing more than a couple of homes in a row. It's difficult to have fun when your energy level is low.

• Easy does it. Don't see too many properties at one time. Feeling burnt out after viewing the tenth home on a Saturday afternoon will impact your judgement. Your fatigue might cause you to pass on a…

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